Aromatherapy Blends For Summer

Every season brings with it a unique vibe that makes you feel a certain way. Summer is no exception, bringing with it the tangy vibes of long summer days and cool starry nights. The heavy humid breeze swaying in the warm days carrying with it refreshing scents of newly cut grass, the fruity smell of a thick shady tree or the unavoidable cool gust from fresh laundry drying on the line! Aah! the summer scents!

Along with all its beautiful aromas and alluring sensations, summer also brings with it inevitable rising temperatures and stifling humidity, hindrances in experiencing its pleasant vibes. On days like these, with YellowBerry’s range of Proprietary Aromatherapy Blends, you can experience feel-good summer right at home!

Top with Tangy

YellowBerry’s Aromatherapy Blends are meticulously formulated with pure essential oils that lighten up your mood and let you relax after a long tiring day. ‘Clarity’ and ‘Cloud Nine’ are perfect summer aroma blends that have citrus  — a widely known natural olfactory stimulant that makes you feel alert and joyful.

Floral fab

Sitting in the garden on a late summer afternoon watching the sun as it gradually bids farewell. The night flowers bloom, marking an explicit presence with their extraordinary scents. Being there in the moment, you feel home! The best kind of tranquil feeling that calm your nerves. YellowBerry captured a similar vibe with its complex aromatherapy blend — ‘Love Potion’, consisting of eleven essential oil —  not only elevates your mood but rejuvenates feelings of self-assurance and keeps you stress-free.

Enchanted Forest

The nutty, herbaceous smell of wild plants blooming their way in the warm sunny afternoons and the smell of warm, wet wood from the humid days is all you need when you take a stroll down summer evenings. With YellowBerry aroma blends like ‘Peace of Mind’, ‘Sleep Tight’ and ‘On Guard’ you can feel this vibe right in your home. These invigorating blends have essential oils that proffer a fresh, herbal woody scent that not only helps you relax but also ensures that you sleep well for longer!

YellowBerry Proprietary Aromatherapy Blends are carefully formulated to yield properties that help you relax and function better. Infused with essential oils, they are an embodiment of natural wellness and healthy living. For centuries, essential oils have been used to heal the mind and body in some way or the other. Using extensive research along with years of experimentation and learning, YellowBerry has created its own signature blends to address various concerns and issues that are common and are faced on an everyday basis. Explore YellowBerry’s wide-ranging collection of Aromatherapy Blends to find what suits you!