Beauty Biases YellowBerry Fights Everyday

In today’s world, the concept of beauty has become rather a deceptively subjective perception based on standards and limits. Whoever falls into these preset schemes is considered beautiful while the ones who do not are categorized as ‘unattractive’. These perceptions tend to influence our decision-making processes on a daily basis, where we tend to give an unfair advantage to those that fall into our standards of attraction while overlooking the capabilities of those who do not.

Beauty Bias

Beauty biases refer to conscious or unconscious privileges and advantages individuals receive based on their physical attractiveness, measured in according to consensual ratings of appearance like fair and spotless skin, colored eyes, long straight hair, no wrinkles, cheekbones; the list goes on! Beauty has come to be solely associated with physical appearance which is why the cosmetic industry has been experiencing a boom since the last decade.

What is Beauty?

Somewhere between the rise of the cosmetic industry and the search for perfection, we have distorted the true meaning of ‘beauty’. Beauty, in truth, is a wholesome concept that has no boundaries, no limitations, a gist of inner and outer qualities an individual is born with and those that he/she acquires over time. It is the combination of perfections and imperfections that make you human in every possible way. In truth, there is no perfect when it comes to beauty! Beauty is far beyond what an eye can perceive.

YellowBerry and Beauty biases

Sure, YellowBerry is an organic skincare brand that promotes beauty, no doubt, but it does not preach the accepted concept of beauty! We strive to eliminate any such concepts that limit this extraordinary perception. The brand idealizes and promotes the concept of sustainable living that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle so your inner beauty glows to the fullest.

Freckles or no freckles? You are lucky to be the rare few people who have them. Light-colored or dark-colored? All skins are beautiful. Straight hair or curly? You have hair that you can style as per your wishes, it is a blessing! Apple-shaped or pear-shaped? You are amazing just the way you are. When it comes to beauty, embrace yourself as how you were born because you were born perfect!