Face dehydration head-on with Face the Facts Moisturiser!

Dehydrated skin is such a nuisance, isn’t it?

Whether out of negligence (wash your face regularly, people!), pollutants (smog ain’t good for the skin), seasonal change (moisture-less winters are harsh for most of us) or a skin condition (shout out to fellow sufferers of eczema, rosacea and other annoying things), our skin needs to be regularly moisturized to stay healthy and fresh. Unfortunately, most moisturisers out there only work sporadically, do long-term damage or just not right for your skin! Which is why YellowBerry has been hard at work to introduce a moisturiser that suits most skin types, has lasting positive effects, and are made from natural ingredients. Well, the wait is over. And it’s time to Face the Facts.

Why do I need to Moisturise?

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t! Our body has its own system to balance moisture and keep our skin hydrated. All our hair follicles contain the sebaceous gland. The function of this gland is to maintain hydration on our skin by regularly excreting a lubricant called sebum. Sebum production starts in our teenage years and is the main cause, along with hormonal changes, for teenage acne.

In ideal skin, the sebum production would be regulated such that the skin is regularly hydrated while maintaining the skin’s natural protective barriers.

Unfortunately, no one has perfect skin, (even those models and actors you see on TV have their issues! You just don’t see them) so this balance is not maintained. Excess sebum makes your skin oily and products that deal with oily skin can remove moisture as well as oil from our skin. Inadequate sebum will render your skin dry. Most people’s skin can be either too oily or too dry or a combination thereof. Mature skin starts losing its protective barrier and people suffering from skin conditions have imbalanced moisture for a variety of reasons. The chemical pollutants we encounter everyday also strip moisture from our skin as well as damaging our natural microbiome.

All these factors conclude that, for virtually everyone, moisturising regularly is necessary for good skin health. But most commercial moisturisers contain chemicals, like parabens, phthalates, sulphates or oil-based ingredients like petroleum jelly, which can be harmful not only to our skin, but to the environment. Enter a new contender: Face the Facts from YellowBerry, a daily moisturiser that uses natural ingredients that ensure your skin is hydrated regularly without the pesky side effects of commercial oil-based products!

So, what’s in Face the Facts?

Face the Facts features a remarkable recipe of natural ingredients that cater to many skin issues.
The cooling power of Cucumber calms skin irritations as well as being an amazing skin hydrator and a source of beneficial vitamins.
Orange Blossom is a natural toner and cleanser which softens and brightens dull skin and also fights off signs of premature ageing.
Honeysuckle is an anti-inflammatory wonder, great for sensitive skin conditions like rosacea, eczema and acne, and an excellent protector against free radicals.

Borage Oil is rich in GLA (gamma linolenic acid) which plays a huge role in strengthening the skin’s protective barrier, as well as being anti-inflammatory, terrific for battling problem areas like rashes and red patches, nourishing the skin without leaving it greasy.
Apricot Oil is a natural emollient, helping the skin retain its moisture, is antioxidant and has high concentrations of vitamins E and K.
Jojoba Oil offers deep moisturisation and is noncomedogenic, as it’s makeup is very similar to our body’s natural sebum. It helps prevent pore-clogging and associated problems like acne and has a natural SPF of 5.

Moringa is a wonderfully gentle cleanser which contains vitamin A that helps boost collagen production and aids in healing damaged skin. Its healing properties means it’s wonderful for fighting dark spots, skin damaged from pollutants, acne and related skin-ageing concerns.

Green Tea, you may or may not be surprised to find, is not only good for your gut health, but also one of the best skincare ingredients for balancing skin moisture. Green Tea helps minimise everyday UV damage, fights off free radicals and controls excess sebum production – a match-winning all-rounder that caps off this incredible line-up of meticulously assembled composition of skin-aiding ingredients.

Face the Facts Daily Moisturiser is the routine moisturiser you were looking for, guaranteed to make your skin fresh, healthy and thoroughly moisturised. So, do you have what it takes to Face the Facts?