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Shipping/Payment Concerns

Find the product you want and click the “Buy It Now” button. Alternatively, if you wish to buy other products as well, click the “Add To Cart” button for each of them, then go to cart (the shopping bag in the top-right corner) to review your purchases and proceed to billing by clicking “Check Out”.  Fill in your shipping and billing information. Add any discount, if applicable, and then proceed to checkout. You can choose your payment method from the two options: Cash on Delivery or Credit/Debit card.

If you experience any difficulty placing an order, please let us know through the Contact page. You may also reach us via email at or call or WhatsApp us at +92 336 5100830. Please note that if you contact us outside working hours, it may take us a few hours to get back to you.

Deliveries scheduled across Pakistan take 3-5 days from once your order has been confirmed.

Note: This is an estimated delivery time which may vary due to weather and public safety issues.

YellowBerry offers many payment methods options, you can choose from

1) Cash on Delivery

2) Credit/debit card.

3) Direct Deposit

4) EasyPaisa

YellowBerry product pricing is inclusive of sales tax, you are not required to pay the sales tax separately.

Yes, YellowBerry offers ‘Cash on delivery’ as one of its payment method options. You can choose this option on the payment page while placing your order online.


Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard for online payment. On the payment page, select APG Bank Alfalah and enter your credit/debit card details to proceed with your transaction.

You can also choose to pay by direct deposit, by transferring the payment from your bank account to ours. Select Direct Deposit on the payment page and follow the instructions given.

Unfortunately, YellowBerry does not ship its products internationally as of yet, but we hope to do so soon enough!


We charge a shipping rate of Rs. 250 for standard orders uptil 2kg.
However, we offer FREE shipping for all orders Rs. 5000 and above, so stocking up on YellowBerry goodness is beneficial and cost-effective!

When your order is shipped from our warehouse, YellowBerry will send you an email (and/or an SMS) to confirm your shipment – this email will include a tracking number and a link that enables you to track your package. You can also select ‘Track Your Order’ from the top right corner of our homepage. Select your courier and follow their instructions.


Here at YellowBerry, every product is created with the utmost care and passion. Though we do not offer returns or cash refunds at this point in time, YellowBerry will be happy to exchange a product within 7 days of its purchase, either online or via a retail partner, provided the product has not been opened.

Yes, a product can be exchanged, provided:

1. The product is in its original packaging, unopened and in saleable condition without evidence of tampering, denting, breakage, etc.

2. Seals, if any, should be intact at the time of exchange.

To request an exchange, please call Customer Services on +92 51 2607335. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at, citing a valid reason for exchange.

Send the item back to us in its original packaging to:
YellowBerry Naturals (Pvt) Limited
1st Floor Pictorial Printers Building
21 I&T Centre, Aabpara, G-6/1
Islamabad 44000

Replacement items shall be dispatched to your designated address. All applicable shipping charges for re-shipment are to be borne by the customer. Please note that all items purchased on sale/offers are final and cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded in any retail store or online regardless of purchase date.

Retail Queries

You can always order online through our website
However, if you’d like a brick-and-mortar experience, we have retail partners in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. They are currently as follows:

-Kayal, 62 Beverly Centre, Nazimuddin Road, Islamabad

-Shams, B-8, School Road, F-6 Markaz, Islamabad

-Bio-Organics & Wholefoods, F-6 Markaz (behind United Bakery), Islamabad

-Polly & Other Stories, 225 Commercial, Street 10, Y-Block DHA Phase 3,Lahore

-Food Forest, 145 CCA, DHA Phase 5 (adjacent McDonald’s), Lahore

-Vitals by Chen One, 92-93 Ghalib Rd, Block C Gulberg 2, Lahore

-Serai Concept Store, Shop 3, 33-C Khayaban-e-Seher, DHA Phase 6Shahbaz Commercial Area, Karachi

-Kayal, Bungalow F43, Ground Floor, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi

We are always on the lookout for more stockists. You can get in touch via e-mail or call 051-2607335.

YellowBerry offers discount codes on special occasions but general discounts on products are not offered. All prices are fixed.  Please sign-up to the newsletter on the bottom of our homepage to avail discount codes and promotional offers or follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

We are always on the lookout for more stockists. You can get in touch via e-mail or call 051-2607335.

Rewards & Discounts

YellowBerry offers discount codes on special occasions but all prices are fixed accordingly.

The best way to avail our discounts and special offers is to join our rewards program and sign-up to our newsletter to get exclusive discount codes and promotional offers.

Create an account by clicking the account button on the top-right corner or selecting the rewards tab in the bottom-right corner. Sign up and start collecting Berries now!

You can earn Berries by completing any of the actions listed in the Earn Berries tab. The more Berries you gather, the faster you can move up to a better tier with bigger rewards!

You can use your Berries to get more YellowBerry! Check out the Get Rewards tab to find coupons and special offers you can exchange for your Berries.

Like real berries, your Berries will go to waste if you don’t use them! Inactivity for more than a year will cause your Berries to expire. Make sure this doesn’t happen!

All discounts available in the reward program expire after 90 days, so don’t forget about them!


There is a newsletter subscription box at the bottom of the website homepage. Make sure to sign up for updates on new products, discounts, latest offers and fun blog posts. Alternatively, our retail partners stocking our full range are quite up to speed about the latest news from YellowBerry.

Easy peasy! Simply go to the relevant product page to enter a customer product review and star rating. We will publish your handy work on our social media pages, and you can, in turn, show it off to everyone. In fact, we highly encourage it!

Do follow us on Facebook and Instagram @yellowberryy and tag us in your photos using #YellowBerry and #TheYellowBerryWorld.

Yes, absolutely! Custom orders do require a minimum order quantity. We can discuss your needs in detail to work out a feasible solution for you. Give us a call at 051-2607335 or get in touch via e-mail at Would love to hear from you!

Give us a call at 051-2607335or get in touch via e-mail at Would love to hear from you!


Wellness concerns

Yellowberry does not normally use synthetic fragrances in its products. Our scents are 100% naturally derived i.e. based on essential oils and the concepts of aromatherapy, and comply with strict international dermal limits. These standards are updated regularly and based on extensive research and trials.

While it does pose immense limitations to our formulations, we are proudly free of nasties and skin irritants including parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, PEGs, mineral oils, sulphates, silicones and synthetic colours and fragrances. All preservatives used, if any, are EcoCert ‘Certified Natural’.

YellowBerry products are formulated with 100% natural ingredients designed to deliver high performance actives to skin and hair. While most products can be classified as vegan, some products do utilise milk and bee-derived products such as honey, beeswax and bee pollen (check the ingredients if you want to completely avoid any animal-based products). Rest assured, these ingredients are sourced ethically without causing harm to the bees themselves or their natural habitat.

You will find absolutely no lanolin, tallow, emu oil or any other animal product in our formulations. They are also not tested on animals, hence cruelty-free!

As a general rule, most products will last 24 months from the manufacturing date if remained unopened. Please refer to the international open jar icon on the packaging to show the shelf life of the product once opened.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will not have an allergic reaction. None of our products contain gluten, but we do use natural nut oils and butters in our products e.g., Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Almond oil and Apricot Kernel oil. Should you have concerns about allergies, please refer to the ingredient lists on the packaging and our website.
Make sure to consult your physician and always perform a patch test on hidden skin before first application.

The main ingredients both pregnant and breastfeeding ladies should avoid are Vitamin A and its derivatives (Retinol, retinoic acid, etc.), BHAs and a lot of the nasties we don’t use e.g., parabens and phthalates! As a general rule, avoid undiluted essential oils in the first trimester of pregnancy and first 3 months post-delivery. You can always consult your doctor for more information.

YellowBerry products are natural, free from harmful substances and safe to use for babies and toddlers. We specifically recommend the following items for your little ones:

● Me, You & Baby Boo Soap; free from any fragrances and essential oils, and enriched with moisturising Goat’s Milk and Raw Shea Butter for everyday use during bath time. Please note: this product is not tear-free so care should be exercised if applying on the face. 

● Either Raw Organic Shea Body Butter or Lavender Vanilla Shea Body Butter for massaging and extra moisturisation for your child’s sensitive skin. This can double as an effective diaper cream.

● Jojoba Oil for moisturisation and massage of the head and scalp.

● Try our CocoShea lip balm as an effective bum balm.

At YellowBerry, we define sensitive skin that is highly prone to redness, irritation, itching, breakouts, extreme dryness or flakiness in response to skincare products, exposure to various environmental elements or medical/dermatological procedures. 

Although YellowBerry strictly complies with international dermal limits while employing natural substances in the formulations, it is paramount you find out the cause and nature of  your skin condition. For example, if caused by a dermatological procedure, it is best to consult your physician medically before proceeding to apply any skincare products. It may also stem from other medical issues, product applications that don’t suit your skin type or it may simply be down to genetics. 

If your skin is inherently sensitive or you have known allergies, you are advised to carefully read through the ingredient list available on our website and the product packaging. Of course, you are more than welcome to seek consultancy from our team before making a responsible purchase. 

Our products are for use by all genders.

Skin Concerns

We have a wide array of products specifically formulated for dry skin types in order to soften, hydrate and nourish effectively. Start off with one of our handmade soaps for dry skin in order to gently cleanse without losing moisture. Spritz it up with Rosita Face Mist. Follow up with a few drops of our Bonne Journee Facial Serum. Finish off with Face the Facts Moisturiser or one of our Shea Butter varieties. For a moisture boost, try one of our hydrating face masques – Honey, I’m Comb OR Let’s Get Glowing!

Yes, absolutely! Try our unscented Raw Shea Butter or Evening Primrose Oil to deeply moisturise and restore the skin’s natural barrier. Our Honey, I’m Comb Masque is anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming. Always use an oil such as Jojoba as a natural makeup remover in order to avoid stripping the skin of its moisture.

Unfortunately, this is a very common misconception. More than often, the oily build-up is caused by a lack of hydration and the body compensates by overproducing sebum (skin’s natural oil).
Getting your skin’s moisture balance right is the first step towards beautiful skin. How about switching your cleanser with our best-selling The Coal Shebang Soap or our Chamomile Smile Soap? Follow with Aloe-Ha! Face Mist which will balance out the pH of your skin, and contains niacinamide which helps restore your glow. Mask it up with Clay It Clean Facial Masque and end with a few drops of our Jojoba and Lavender Essential Oils for a well-balanced natural skin cycle.

You should be cleansing your skin with a product that doesn’t strip hydration or alter the skin’s pH levels. If you are prone to congestion and breakouts, we suggest exfoliating 2-3 times per week. Use our The Coal Shebang Soap for oily acne or All You’ll Avo Want Soap for dry acne. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, use lightweight, non-comedogenic facial oils like Argan or Jojoba which are both anti-acne and moisture balancing. Non-comedogenic means they won’t clog your pores – instead they penetrate deep into the skin layers to nourish from within. Fun Fact: Shea Butter is also non-comedogenic!

You can also the all-purpose Face The Facts Daily Face Moisturiser which nourishes the skin without making it greasy.
Our oil-based facial serums could also aid you since they are light, fast-absorbing and packed with high-performance ingredients.
The easiest way to set your skin routine would be to get the Spick & Span Acne-Control Bundle, a collection of YellowBerry products that help you manage daily acne, including Tea Tree Essential Oil, which works as a powerful spot-remover for the most stubborn of acne. Just a tiny amount of Tea Tree EO at your problem area should make it go away after a couple of uses.

Your skin will benefit from most of our products, particularly our hydrating “Honey, I’m Comb!” and “Let’s Get Glowing” face masques. Use twice a week for best results. “Rosita Face Mist” offers a quick burst of refreshing moisturisation on a daily basis. Also of assistance are our natural shea butters that are gentle and nourishing, leaving the skin super-hydrated and plump. Rosehip Seed Oil is an anti-ageing miracle, packed with Vitamin A to reduce age spots, wrinkles and pigmentation. 

Also, don’t forget to exfoliate at least once a week!

While your skin care routine is largely dependent on your daily schedule, your exposure to environmental factors and, of course, your skin type, there are a few ingredients that you can look out for to maintain good, healthy skin. 

● Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) – You can find this in our ‘Rosita’ and ‘Aloe-Ha!’ Face Mists

● Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) – A staple ingredient in not only our Hair Conditioners, but our daily ‘Face the Facts’ moisturiser and Face Mists.

● Pre and Probiotics – These are good bacteria that are crucial in maintaining the natural balance of your skin. Find these in our revolutionary Profound Probiotic Serum.

● Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) – The likes of Glycolic and Lactic Acid that offer mild exfoliation. Present in all our Facial Masques.

As the skin matures, collagen production declines. Gentle exfoliation of the face twice a week will increase blood circulation in the deeper layers of the skin, promoting skin cell regeneration and a younger, healthy glow.
Be sure to exfoliate your body in your everyday bath with our body scrubs – use a loofah for a thorough cleanse.

Any time in your mid-20s. Read about maintaining an anti-ageing skincare regimen according to your age in our blogpost: How To Build A Skincare Routine For Your Age

There are many products in our range that target dark spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone; Rosehip Seed Oil, Bonne Nuit Facial Serum and Let’s Get Even Face Masque, to name a few. For a complete list, check the relevant skin concern filters on the website. If you still can’t make up your mind, go for our ‘Set the Tone’ skin care bundle to achieve a more radiant, healthy, even skin tone.

Skin types are usually divided into Dry, Oily, Combination and Mature. Skin type can vary season to season, or even month to month for some people. Determining your skin type accurately is the first step towards a skincare regimen that is effective.

Use the ‘Sensitive Skin’ filter (and any other that describes your skin) on our website to see what products will suit you best.

For serums, YellowBerry usually recommends around 3-5 drops for the face with another couple of drops for the neck. Quantities are expressly mentioned on the product packaging in the Usage Directions section.

As a general rule, work your way through the products from lightest to heaviest texture, if you can’t remember your molecular structures. Here’s a sample routine: After washing your face with one of our soaps, spray on a few spritzes of our ‘Rosita’ or ‘Aloe-Ha!’ Facial Mists while the skin is still damp, to ensure the Niacinamide and Pantothenic Acids can penetrate the skin with ease. This will also neutralise the skin’s pH to its optimal level of 5-5.5. Apply your water-based facial serums. Amongst YellowBerry products, that would be our ‘Profound’ Probiotic Serum. You can then proceed with moisturisers (Face the Facts) followed by our Bonne Journee or Bonne Nuit oil-based Serums. Seal it all in, if you feel the need, with additional moisturisation in the shape of our natural face and body butters. And don’t forget your sunscreen at the end!

Hair Concerns

Very much like skin, the scalp, if over-cleansed, will lead to excessive sebum production, causing the hair to become greasy more quickly. The trick is to maintain the scalp’s natural pH and moisture levels. We highly recommend our Nouveau Shampoo Bar accompanied by its counterpart conditioner. You can always add Lemon and/or Tea Tree oils for a fresh, cleansed feel and unclogging the hair follicles.

Make sure to oil your hair! You can try our Hair Renaissance Hair Therapy Oil for extra hydration and nourishment. Follow up with a thorough wash using our Soie Pure Shampoo Bar, finishing off with a good helping of Soie Pure Conditioner.
Fun Fact: For extra dry hair, melt down one of our Shea Butters and apply from root to tip! It’s non-comedogenic, i.e., won’t clog pores, and it results in soft, smooth, nourished hair.

You can always apply our Rooted Naturelle therapy oil for aiding regrowth and thickness along with Cedarwood and Rosemary essential oils for more pronounced results. However, hair fall is ultimately a medical condition which can stem from several factors. We suggest consulting with a dermatologist, medical specialist and/or a nutritionist first to address underlying conditions.

Determining one’s hair type can be quite complex given there are 4 hair types, each with a further 4 subtypes. Simply classify whether your hair is Straight, Wavy, Curly or Coily and reach out to one of our representatives for a more in-depth consultation.

This is largely dependent on hair type but here are a few staple ingredients for hair and scalp health: Coconut oil, Babassu oil, Almond oil, Avocado oil, Rosemary essential oil, Jasmine essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil, Ylang-Ylang essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, Lavender essential oil. 

Customers are more aware of the harmful effects of SLS, ALS and their counterparts, but other than these, the ingredients you need to avoid like the plague are as follows:

● Methylisothiazolinone

● Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs)

● Formaldehyde 

● Silicones e.g. Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Amodimethicone

● Phthalates

● Fragrance (Parfum)

● Parabens e.g. propylparaben and benzylparaben

● Petroleums and Mineral oils

● Cocamide MEA – Diethanolamine (DEA) – Triethanolamine (TEA)

● Hydroquinone

Awareness Concerns

We are making a conscious effort to minimise and offset our impact on the environment. We endeavour to utilise only eco-friendly packaging i.e., the use of 100% recyclable glass bottles and jars, aluminium containers as well as recyclable plastic tubs. All paper packaging is biodegradable. We are trying to minimise our plastic packaging material wherever possible. Customers are encouraged to return clean tubs and jars for a discount on their next purchase. YellowBerry has also introduced cotton tote bags in support of the plastic-free campaign.

We are a Pakistani company, incorporated and operating from Islamabad. Our products are formulated in-house, manufactured, and then distributed to other cities, through web orders and retail partner locations, from our facility in Islamabad

Though, as a general rule, we do not offer samples of our products, from time to time, we have samples available so we encourage you to get in contact with us and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

YellowBerry uses premium quality ingredients that are responsibly sourced from all over the world to ensure we bring you the very best of skincare. International imports attract a substantial amount of custom duties and taxes which makes the cost of raw material high. Furthermore, we formulate and manufacture in-house in small quantities to maintain that quality and some of our products are entirely handmade. We are certainly very proud of this since it enables us to control what goes into our products – unfortunately, it also drives up our unit cost of production. We also use glass and aluminium recyclable and biodegradable packaging, which is a lot costlier than cheap plastc alternatives. Not to mention the 17% Sales Tax imposed by the Government after all that. While switching to a holistic healthy lifestyle can seem expensive at first, it does pay off in the long run considering the millions it saves you by preventing serious health issues later on in life. Think of it as an investment. It’s the best one you’ll ever make for you and your family!

While we certainly can not advocate for other brands, their practices, ideologies, operations and product quality, we have worked towards creating a persona for our brand that prides itself for its values. Some of the fundamental ones being:

● No compromise on the quality of our raw material and final product.

● Chemical free including Sulphates, Parabens, Artificial Colours, Unnatural preservatives, Mineral Oils, Phthalates, Petroleum based products and more. 

● Sustainable operational practices that are translated on to our customers for reliable skin, hair and lifestyle products that actually make a difference.

● Dedicated attention to customer service to ensure you’re happy with us.

● Women-led and operated, with a focus on empowering girls and women.

● Environment friendly initiatives including plastic free and/or recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

No, unfortunately the products are not Certified Organic though some of the ingredients  (e.g. Jojoba and Argan oils) that go into their manufacturing are. Getting that certification can be a very lengthy, daunting and expensive prospect, especially in Pakistan. As a growing business, we aspire to get there someday.