Got Oily Skin? Don’t fall for these 5 Myths

An oily skin type is often associated with increased consumption of oily foods, not exfoliating enough or just an incorrect amount of sun exposure! However, these are just a few of the many popular myths that circulate with regards to oily skin textures and ways to control excessive sebum production. Here, we attempt to clear common misconceptions related to oily skin and elucidating ways on how to care for oily skin type. Let’s debunk some myths!

Myth #1: Regular exfoliation and washing are a must for oily skin types!

There is no benefit in exfoliating and washing your face vigorously to keep it oil-free. It, in fact, leads to more oil production, largely because over-cleansing strips the skin off its natural oils that consist of sebum and vital lipids. This triggers a sequence of dehydration where irritated skin retaliates by producing more oil to balance the dryness. The best solution is to observe how your skin responds to exfoliation and then adjust its frequency so that your skin does not feel irritated. Furthermore, employ cleansing products that remove excess oil without destroying the skin’s natural lipid barrier, like the YellowBerry’s ‘Clay it Clean!’ facial masque!

Myth #2: You can skip moisturizing if you have an oily skin type!

This is way too far from the truth because all skin types need moisturizing, especially the oily types. These have a disrupted moisture balance leading to dehydration, which, in turn, is compensated by the skin through more oil production. The key to moisturizing is finding the right formula for your skin type! If you have oily skin, then go for oil-free and non-comedogenic formulas like YellowBerry’s Facial serums.

Myth #3: Sun doze keeps the oil away!

Unprotected sun exposure does dry out the skin. However, it assuredly does not contribute to improving or providing a solution for oily skin types. Instead, it causes further damage as it leads to dehydration in turn causing excessive oil production by the sebaceous glands. Try to avoid unnecessary sun exposure and make sure to use sun protection before!

Myth #4: Oily food hence, oily skin!

There is not enough research substantiating that oily skin is associated with the consumption of oily food and a high-fat diet. The truth is oily skin is genetically inherited and caused by large sebaceous glands producing excessive sebum. But don’t go bingeing on those fries yet; this does not imply that unhealthy eating habits are acceptable. A good diet always contributes towards healthier skin!

Myth #5: There is nothing you can do for oily skin!

Although oily skin is genetic and people with this skin type will experience excess oil on their skin, there are proven ways to decrease oil production and maintain clear skin. This primarily includes a healthy lifestyle constituting a good diet with all necessary food groups but with less sugar, regular physical activity, and a skin regime that suits your skin! Look through YellowBerry’s collection of unique skincare solutions to find one that works for you.