How To Build A Skincare Routine For Your Age

Behind healthy, glowing skin is the right skincare routine, regularly upgraded with time according to the skins’ needs.

Skincare is an entirely personal experience; you may consult doctors, specialists, scrutinize each product and comb over reviews, but, in the end, it comes down to your own observations of what suits your skin type. Consequent adjustments in lifestyle, habits, and usage of products then help maintain your skin’s health and prevent it from aging.

When it comes to assessing a skincare routine that best suits your skin type, it is vital that you also pay attention to your age. Like any other part of your body, your skin matures with time, undergoing changes that need to be dealt with through proper care to ensure your skin’s healthy balance is maintained.

An ideal skincare routine consists of cleansing, toning, application of concentrated active ingredients, and moisturizing to seal in all the good stuff!
Although the order remains same, the use of active products varies for different age groups. Here, have we compiled a guide on how you can care for your skin no matter your age.

You are in your 20s…

Then you are probably experiencing acne, likely pigmentation, and discoloration from the sun. You need to keep your skin protected by using sunscreen regularly; pay close attention to your neck, chest, and hands, along with your face. Your skincare routine should include

– A gentle foaming cleanser that will remove makeup and excess oil without over-drying your skin.

– If you have acne, employ spot treatment as recommended by your dermatologist.

– Pack your skin with vital vitamin C, as it will prevent premature aging while helping you to fight free radicals that damage your skin.

– Moisturize, especially before you go to bed, and stay hydrated!

You are in your 30s…

…you might be going through birth-related issues like melasma or discoloration from sun exposure. You need to incorporate exfoliation into your skincare routine. Your ideal skin regime should be as follows:

– It’s time to switch to a non-foaming, non-drying, mild cleanser.

– Keep your skin well hydrated and protected with the use of an antioxidant-rich moisturizer before applying sunscreen. This will prevent photodamage and help repair old damage.

– Add retinol to your routine to improve the overall skin texture whilst maintaining its natural balance. For best results, incorporate retinol in your nightcare regime.

– Use a basic moisturizer that does not have any added retinoids.

You are in your 40s…

…and you have begun to notice those inevitable wrinkles around your mouth and eyes. Your estrogen levels are decreasing so you feel your skin is too dry all the time. Your skincare routine should include

– Cleansing with a mild, non-drying and non-foaming cleanser with an exfoliating brush to remove the dead skin cells build-up from the retinol use.

– Use an SPF-containing antioxidant to fight free radical damage and reverse the old one.

– You should include retinoid and peptide products in your skincare routine to maintain skin balance, texture, and tone.

– A good moisturizer consisting of glycerine or hyaluronic acid to retain skin moisture and glow.

You are 50 or above…

…all you need is lots and lots of moisture! So, your skincare regimen should be hydrating enough on every step:

– Use a cream-based cleanser that helps remove dirt and moisturize your skin at the same time.

– Incorporate a peptide-rich serum in your morning regimen and a retinoid-rich serum at night.

– Use a moisturizing SPF that is rich in antioxidants to protect from photodamage (sun exposure).

– Finally, seal in all the goodness with a good petroleum jelly that will help retain moisture and keep your skin hydrated and glowing!