Shine a light on Eyecare with Illume!

Let’s dispel a myth upfront: moisturisers are not ideal for eye skin care. Sure, moisturisers are important for daily hydration (moisturise every day, people!) but the skin under your eyes needs special attention. It is about ten times thinner than the rest of your skin and, hence, about ten times more sensitive. This high sensitivity also means eye skin can react adversely with ordinary moisturiser which may be far too harsh for it. Additionally, the eye skin has fewer oil-excreting glands and is much more susceptible to the effects of everyday pollutants.  It is the first part of the face to show signs of stress, ageing or lack of sleep, as anyone looking in the mirror after an all-nighter can attest to.

Some lifestyle choices are paramount in keeping your eye skin area healthy – regular sleep, controlled screentimes and using sunglasses to limit overexposure of sunlight. Ideally, though, you need a natural eye crème that can tackle these issues strongly and yet is gentle enough to not affect the skin negatively.

Illume is the new eye crème from YellowBerry that delivers on these promises. A power-packed lightweight formula devised with nature, care and expertise, it delivers a replenishing dose of necessary bio-actives to the sensitive area around your eye.

Green Coffee extract (raw coffee beans) is rich in anti-oxidants and fatty acids that aid collagen production and helps your eye skin look plump and fresh, not to mention Caffeine, that can reduce puffiness and dark circles by calming enlarged blood vessels in the skin.
Naturally powerful Borage seed oil contains the highest natural concentration of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), an omega-6 fatty acid that calms inflammation and encourages tissue growth in ageing skin. Healthy Pomegranate seed oil, containing Vitamin C and antioxidants, helps improve skin elasticity, evens skin tone and encourages skin regeneration. Vitamins E and F are provided by Wheat Germ oil that smooths out your skin and improves cell growth. Calm Cucumber has a cleansing effect on your eye skin, stripping away signs of stress and age with necessary moisturisation. Gentle Chamomile contains flavonoids that help reduce inflammation, lessening fine lines and wrinkles.

Niacinamide is a powerful yet gentle antioxidant containing vitamin B that soothes inflamed skin and fights hyperpigmentation, beneficial for puffed up eyes, redness and signs of premature ageing. Finally, Coenzyme Q10 is a compound that is found naturally in our skin and depletes with age. Illume replenishes this vital chemical to our skin, restoring it to its natural state!

All of us here at YellowBerry World are immensely proud of accomplishing such a balanced natural skincare product like Illume. Order now for an illuminating experience!