Soie Pure is So Pure!

Haircare isn’t rocket science. Is it?

I mean we all know our hair very well. We know how long we can go without washing before it starts getting troublesome. We know which hairs stick up after a night’s sleep so every morning spend more time than we would care to admit trying to get those cowlicks in place. We spend hours setting up an extravagant hairdo with the full knowledge that it can only hold itself 3 to 4 hours at best. We know that winter is officially arrived the morning you wake up with the urge to scratch your head like a cat. 


Still, it is quite a journey trying to find the right solution for your hair. You might have a favourite shampoo that makes your hair feel nice for a day but, six months down the line, leaves your hair thin and fragile. Maybe you can’t afford that fancy shampoo and conditioner every month. Or maybe you’ve tried everything and are left frustrated at figuring out what your hair needs.


Without a question, what your hair is lacking are nourishing natural ingredients. Commercial shampoos and conditioners seem to work in the short-term, but weaken your hair over time. Luckily, YellowBerry has just the haircare combo for you that can help repair and strengthen your dry and damaged hair and will continue being rewarding for years after! 


Soie Pure Shampoo Bar & Conditioner has been crafted with you in mind, featuring a medley of amazing ingredients that will resurrect and revitalize dry, frizz-prone hair. Shea Butter soothes dry, itchy scalp, adds moisture to your hair and helps seal it in, softens the texture and improves the health of hair and scalp with its anti-inflammatory properties. Hibiscus contains essential nutrients like Vitamin C, amino acids and antioxidants. It helps contain frizziness, increases strength of hair follicles and improves thickness and volume. Not to mention reviving and calming essential oils like Jojoba and Grapefruit keep your hair healthy and fresh for a long time with regular use.

And yes, you heard correctly. Shampoo Bar. Push aside your hesitation, you have no idea how much better a shampoo bar is than liquid shampoo! Commercial shampoos achieve their consistency with detergents and lots of water. Even if you are instructed to use only a pea-sized amount, we all know how difficult that is to maintain, with half of your handful immediately spilling on the bathroom floor. The detergents end up weakening your hair in the long run and you have to contend with the carbon footprint of the chemicals in the shampoo and the plastic bottle it came in. Did you know over a million plastic bottles are used every minute? That’s atrocious!

Soie Pure Shampoo Bar, in stark contrast, is good for your hair AND the environment! The ingredients are more concentrated and hydro-less so a single shampoo bar lasts as long as 3 regular bottles of commercial shampoo which means it’s incredibly cost-effective. The convenient size means it’s great for storage and travel, with no risk of leakage like bottled shampoos. An added plus, our shampoo bar comes in recyclable paper packaging, so you can be relieved of the carbon footprint and environmental impact of all those plastic bottles. Soie Pure Conditioner even comes in a recyclable and reusable tub! 

Soie Pure is French for pure silk and you would be hard-pressed to find a haircare combo that leaves your hair so calm and smooth. An absolute winter essential, Soie Pure Shampoo Bar & Conditioner are the must-have haircare ensemble of the season!