The Power of Serums

There are things in life you can’t escape from: taxes, inflation, people with bad opinions and, of course, ageing. Luckily, our skin doesn’t have to age before us – it is entirely possible to fight the signs of premature ageing with the proper skincare routine. And an essential part of this routine is using facial serums.

But what are Facial Serums?

I’ll be glad to tell you! The purpose of Facial Serums is to give your skin a boost of vital active ingredients. They should not be confused for moisturisers or cleansers – they can moisturise and cleanse but that is not their primary function. Instead, they are designed to target skin concerns directly. Regular use of YellowBerry’s Facial Serums smoothens the texture of your skin and cleanses your pores, leaving your skin looking fresh and revitalised.

How do they work?

YellowBerry’s Facial Serums are amazingly lightweight and non-greasy! Unlike creams, which are thick and heavy, serums contain very small molecules so active ingredients are readily absorbed into your skin. Due to the high concentration of ingredients, you only need a few drops of serum for it to be effective. Isn’t that amazing?

When should I use Facial Serums?

Well, that depends; on your skin concern, your skincare routine and the type of serum. But don’t worry! Our range of organic Facial Serums are specially designed to fit into your daily routines!

Bonne Journèe is our Day Facial Serum, which you can slide into your morning routine with ease. Power-packed with essential oils and natural antioxidants like Green Tea, Bonne Journèe has been meticulously designed to protect against daily effects such as free radical damage, sun damage and acne from pollutants, while it infuses your skin with a natural glow.

Bonne Journèe should be used every morning after your daily cleanse but before you moisturise. Simply apply 4-5 drops on your skin and massage into your skin until fully absorbed.

Why only form part of a routine? Bonne Journèe can be found in our Morning Glory Bundles, a complete set of organic products that define the best morning skincare routine available!

That’s not all – you can also use Bonne Journèe as a skin primer before you put on your make-up! If you use an oil-based foundation, you may even mix it in for fresh, dewy finish.

Bonne Nuit is our Night Facial Serum, formulated with natural exfoliates like Pomegranate and anti-inflammatory properties of Chamomile, to restore your pigmentation and repair the damage of the day to your skin. As the final step of your nighttime skincare routine, Bonne Nuit will help regenerate your skin cells, firm up your skin texture and maintain moisture levels, so you can wake up with revitalised skin protection every morning. Just apply 4-5 drops of Bonne Nuit before turning in for maximum skin cell turnover and regeneration and see the results for yourself!

The best way to experience Bonne Nuit is as part of YellowBerry’s Evening Prayer Bundles, all you need for a problem-free skincare routine that repairs your skin while you sleep.

If you’re interested in trying both Bonne Journèe and Bonne Nuit, go for our Facial Serum Duo, a one-two punch of 24-hour replenishing skincare!

I’ve also heard good things about probiotics. What’s that?

Your skin is host to trillions of naturally-occurring microorganisms – and that’s a good thing! A lot of these microbes are actually beneficial to skincare, forming a natural microbiome that help fight off bad bacteria, balance your pH and maintain the health of your skin. Using harsh chemical products in your skin strip away this organic protective barrier. Probiotics are scientifically determined microbes that help build back this barrier, staving off a myriad of problems and preventing signs of premature ageing.

You can add another secret weapon to your skincare arsenal – Profound Probiotic Facial Serum! This revolutionary product contains probiotic elements as well as prebiotics – compounds that support these good microbes – giving your skin an innovative synbiotic treatment. Massaging a few drops everyday into your face, neck and surrounding area helps maintain the ecosystem of microbial skin protection that is necessary for your skin to age well. Highly consider using Profound if you have oily skin that frequently breaks out.

All this sounds amazing! But are there any downsides I should know about?

Facial Serums deliver active ingredients in highly concentrated doses. As such, they can be an irritant for sensitive skin. We do not recommend you use Facial Serums if you have a serious skin condition such as rosacea or eczema. If in doubt, perform a patch test in a safer area of the skin and observe the effects. If irritation occurs, this product is not for you. If you suffer any adverse effects, consult a doctor immediately.

That’s good to know.

At YellowBerry, we believe in honesty and effective selfcare. If you have any questions about our Facial Serums and whether they are right for you, don’t hesitate. Contact us and let us know!