There Is No Plan “B”

Our actions have a direct impact on our environment.

It may seem to be strange how our everyday activities influence our planet when we are merely just a dot on Earth, or even smaller. In fact, it is a contribution of millions of these single dots that combine to produce a larger, more severe effect, causing irreversible damage to our planet. ‘Environmental issues’ is not just book-talk; it is a reality that is gradually destroying our planet – and in the near future, it may lead to an inhabitable Earth.

What are Environmental issues?

Environmental issues are the problems that occur directly or indirectly as an impact of human activity. These problems affect the ecosystem as whole, including changes to the natural resources and species that inhabit the Earth. Sea levels rising, climate change, and mass extinction are some of the environmental issues. Human activities contributing to these issues are pollution, deforestation overconsumption, overexploitation, and an overall increased carbon footprint!

Beauty and Environment

When weighing up the cost of beauty and skincare, the real price is not money, it is how the products we manufacture and use impact the environment. Do they contain toxic chemicals? How and what sort of packaging they use? Are they biodegradable? All these and similar questions arise when it comes to the cosmetic and skincare industries as these are largely known for their heavy use of plastic and environmentally toxic chemicals like phthalates, BHA and BHT, etc. that pollute the environment so harshly, their impact remains resonant for many years.

Sustainable Beauty

The mere word ‘sustainable beauty’ proffers an idea of a beauty that lasts. Yet, it also incorporates the concept of ‘going green’ by employing natural methods and organic ingredients. This, in turn, yields societal wellbeing and a positive impact (reduced carbon footprint) on the environment. Gladly, awareness regarding green and sustainable beauty is spreading across the globe in recent years. On the buyer’s end, people now understand how plastic waste and other harmful chemicals are affecting environment and contributing to issues like climate change, greenhouse gases, etc. The cosmetic industry is responding to consumers by making eco-friendly products and biodegradable packaging.

YellowBerry’s Green Initiative

In addition to YellowBerry’s purpose of making organic and natural personal care accessible to all, we also assert our mission of Clean Beauty that focuses on restoring the environment. Our motto of ‘To Nature, From Nature’, explicates that we formulate our products from the purest natural ingredients and hence strive to minimize our carbon footprint by incorporating the use of organic raw ingredients that are biodegradable. YellowBerry also employs the use of paper packaging, rather than plastic, for its products, looking to decrease our carbon footprint through any means possible.

Sustainable lifestyle

A sustainable lifestyle is one where we are aware of our impact on the environment. We consciously make decisions and incorporate practices that minimally influence the nature that surrounds us, for example, the use of shampoo bars instead of bottled shampoo. YellowBerry believes in and promotes sustainable living which is not only good for our environment but also helps you to adopt healthy practices that, in the long run, keep you healthy, happy and glowing, always!