Tis The Season for Haircare

Aren’t we glad to be almost over with hot, sweltering summer days? We’re nearing the time for cosy nights and hot chocolate, wrapped under layers of fabric while sitting beside the fireplace having long chit-chat sessions with family and friends. Sounds delectable, no? It may be the best time of the year for winter lovers like us but it isn’t quite as pleasant a time for your HAIR!

Winters can be harsh for people with fragile hair. Exposure in cold, dry months, with constant transitioning from heated indoors to chilly outdoors, can rid your hair of moisture, making it appear dull, dry, and prone to damage. As winters are just around the corner, here are some dedicated tips so you can nail those winter looks.

Dry Hair and Flaky Scalp

The low temperatures of winter call for constant indoor heating. It makes for a comfortable environment but is certainly tough on your hair – artificial heating sources zap the moisture out of the air leaving your locks withered and your scalp flaky and patchy.

The best way to counter hair and scalp dryness is moisturizing with a few drops of nourishing hair oil, 20-30 minutes before a shower, as part of your everyday haircare routine. This helps replenish the lost moisture while making your hair smooth and manageable. Our favourite nourishing hair oils are Argan Oil, which is rich in essential vitamins and provides strength and softness to dry-prone hair, and Jojoba Oil, which moisturizes your dry scalp and aids thickness.

For a more comprehensive treatment for dehydrated hair, try Yellowberry’s ‘Hair Renaissance Hair Oil’, a unique 7-oil combo, meticulously crafted for scalp nourishment, hair follicle strength, and intensive moisturisation and addresses dryness, brittleness and frizziness.

Static and Frizz

A sign of damaged hair is the uncalled-for static field that keeps your hair strands drifting aloft. This tends to weaken your hair, making it susceptible to breakage and split ends. An instant fix to combat frizz and static is to dampen your hair and then use cotton fabric to dry them out.

If you wish to address the root issue, incorporate a moisturizing conditioner that nurtures and revitalizes your hair, like Yellowberry’s Soie Pure Conditioner, a gentle, natural moisturizing conditioner, suitable for dry and frizz-prone hair. Use this conditioner along with YellowBerry’s Soie Pure Shampoo Bar for a thoroughly organic haircare experience.

Damaged Hair

We really enjoy dressing up in the winter season! You can create a series of looks by playing around with layering and a new hairstyle every time. The trouble is hairstyling can damage your hair to some extent as the heat from styling gadgets and excessive brushing disrupt the protein content of your hair leaving it weak and frail after excessive handling. Combined with exposure to the cold weather, hair tends to lose its strength, becoming increasingly brittle.

The best way to counter this damage without having to cut down on your styling is to include essential oils in your haircare regime. You can choose from a variety of YellowBerry Essential oils; add a few drops to your hair mask for a rejuvenating home spa experience and necessary hair strengthening.

Exfoliate once a week!

Scalp exfoliation once a week is a must in winters. Exfoliation helps remove the dirt and dead skin while stimulating blood flow to the scalp that brings nutrients and other goodies to nourish your hair. This is an ideal way to encourage hair growth. You can employ a scalp scrubber, readily available from any drugstore, use a brush or a scrub, or simply use your fingers for a good hair massage while you shampoo.

Eat healthy and stay hydrated!

Ultimately, it all comes down to what you consume; your hair and skin are direct representatives of your dietary intake. A healthy diet, balanced with all necessary food groups and sufficient water intake, naturally lead to healthier, happier skin and hair. For their sake, it is best practice to avoid junk food as much as possible, take small portions throughout the day without starving yourself, and stay hydrated!

If nothing seems to be working for you, after you’ve tried everything, it might be best to consult your doctor; most likely there is a vitamin or mineral deficiency that needs to be compensated. In fact, incorporating multivitamins into your routine, as prescribed by your doctor, can help pre-emptively make up for any losses, your healthy insides making you radiant and glowy on the outside!

Now you can sit back into that cosy armchair under your favourite blanket, safe and warm in the knowledge that you have made the best of wintry weather and reliable organic haircare. Have a great winter!